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Every hidden thing, a novel, Ted Flanagan

Every hidden thing, a novel, Ted Flanagan
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Every hidden thing
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Ted Flanagan
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a novel
Big city politics, nasty secrets, a dirty cop, and a deranged sociopath set the stage for a riveting journey deep into the urban jungle. The last scion of a once-powerful political family, Worrcester mayor John O'Toole has his sights set on vastly higher aspirations. When night shift paramedic Thomas Archer uncovers a secret that could upend the mayor's career, O'Toole is set on silencing him, and sends Eamon Conroy, a brutal former cop, to ensure the truth remains under wraps. But O'Toole doesn't stop there. With bribes, buried secrets, and personal attacks, he wreaks havoc on Archer's life in an attempt to save himself. Archer's troubles continue to mount when domestic terrorist and militia member Gerald Knak, who blames Archer for his wife's recent death, sets in motion a deadly plan for revenge. With two forces of evil aligned against him, Archer doesn't stand a chance. But things aren't always what they seem--and he may just have a few tricks up his sleeve in a last gambit to get out alive
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