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Marie Curious, girl genius, undercover gamer, by Chris Edison

Marie Curious, girl genius, undercover gamer, by Chris Edison
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Marie Curious, girl genius, undercover gamer
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by Chris Edison
50% Girl + 50% Genius = 100% Awesome! A brilliant new series with a heroine who uses her smarts - and her girl squad - to save the world from evil, one invention at a time. Marie's apprenticeship with tech giant Sterling Vance has already been a crazy adventure, from saving the world from a deadly computer virus to rescuing a global pop star, Marie thought she'd seen it all. But now Marie must face her most difficult challenge yet - going undercover! When Vance invests in a multi-million dollar eSports tournament, Marie and her three best friends are sucked into the world of professional gaming. Glitzy parties, infinity pools and the latest tech are all at their fingertips but when Vance discovers that someone in the tournament is cheating, it's left to Marie to infiltrate the GAME House where all the top gamers live, and find the culprit. The third installment in the Marie Curious, Girl Genius series sees Marie and her brainiac friends travel to Beijing, China!
Target audience
Undercover gamer