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My little book of cars, Michael Worek

My little book of cars, Michael Worek
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non fiction
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My little book of cars
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Michael Worek
A charming collection of photos all about cars and things connected to them. This lovely padded book introduces small children to a multitude of features relating to cars. Colourful photographs reveal close-up details ranging from seatbelts, petrol pumps and car seats to full images of racing cars, minivans and tow trucks. One- to three-word captions in large type describe the images and provide children with the opportunity to learn new words. Cars and their details featured in this book: Everyday cars such as the saloon, minivan and police cars; Sports cars, stretch limousines and racing cars; Classic and vintage cars; Illustrating a bumper bender, a car being towed and different car body styles; Close-up images such as an exhaust pipe, steering wheel, tyre tracks and under the bonnet. Cars are everywhere and we use them every day. Their variety of shapes, colours and sounds makes them a perennial favourite of children
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