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The empty beach, a Cliff Hardy novel, Peter Corris

The empty beach, a Cliff Hardy novel, Peter Corris
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Literary Form
Main title
The empty beach
Responsibility statement
Peter Corris
Sub title
a Cliff Hardy novel
The early 1980s found Cliff Hardy well established as a private investigator but still battling his demons. He has quit smoking and moderated his drinking. The memory of his brief marriage still haunts him along with other ghosts from his past. A case in Bondi attracts him as an ex-surfer and admirer of the suburb. It began as a routine investigation into a supposed drowning. But Hardy soon finds himself literally fighting for his life in the murky, violent underworld of Bondi.The truth about John Singer, black marketeer and poker machine king is out there somewhere amidst the drug addicts, prostitutes and alcoholics. Hardy's job is to stay alive long enough in that world of easy death to get to the truth.The truth hurts
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