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Gorgon, Greig Beck ; read by Sean Mangan

Gorgon, Greig Beck ; read by Sean Mangan
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Greig Beck ; read by Sean Mangan
Alex Hunter has been found, sullen, alone, leaving a path of destruction as he travels across America. Only the foolish get in his way of the drifter wandering the streets late at night. Across the world, something has been released by a treasure hunter in a hidden chamber of the Basilica Cisterns in Istanbul. Something hidden there by Emperor Constantine himself, and deemed by him too horrifying and dangerous to ever be set free. It now stalks the land, leaving its victims turned to stone, and is headed on a collision course with a NATO base. The Americans can't let it get there, but can't be seen to intervene. There is only one option, send in the HAWCs. But Alex and the HAWCs are not the only ones seeking out the strange being, Uli Borshov, who has a score to settle with the Arcadian, moves to intercept him, setting up a deadly collision of epic proportions where only one can survive
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