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Keep the receipts, Tolani Shoneye, Milena Sanchez, Audrey Indome

Keep the receipts, Tolani Shoneye, Milena Sanchez, Audrey Indome
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Keep the receipts
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Tolani Shoneye, Milena Sanchez, Audrey Indome
This book is all the conversations and advice you've had in the club toilet, finally in one place. Crying over that situationship and needing someone to remind you you're a bad bitch? In a dilemma with your friends and not sure the best way forward? Can't figure out how to dump the boyfriend who has never made you orgasm? The Receipts girls have got you! Join your girl Tolly T, Audrey, formerly known as Ghana's Finest, and your mamacita Milena Sanchez as they get super honest about their life experiences and lessons. From their different approaches to love to their wise advice on building strong friendships; from those conversations about sex we never have, to how to enjoy life as a Black woman or a woman of colour, The Receipts girls always keep it real, authentic and fiercely funny. This book is a celebration of the wonderful messes, mistakes, successes, highs and lows of three audacious women who are still trying to get it right and live their best lives. It's time to normalise women sharing things with zero judgement, to embrace women for all their flaws and differences and to realise being completely yourself is the best thing you could possibly be. This is the sisterhood you've always wanted to be a part of
Table Of Contents
Love -- Friendship -- Sex -- Self -- Career -- Family -- Race -- Beauty -- The dating tea -- Your dilemmas solved
Keep the receipts, three women, real talk, no filter