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Solving the climate crisis, Alice Harman

Solving the climate crisis, Alice Harman
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Solving the climate crisis
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Alice Harman
Explore the technology that will save our world! Our planet is facing a climate crisis. Climate change and global warming are making Earth warm up and it is affecting all sorts of different aspects of life on Earth. But all is not negative. Luckily, there are a variety of amazing green technologies that can help us to create a safer, cleaner, greener world. Delve into the problems we are facing and the ingenius solutions inventors and scientists are thinking up. The four-book series Green Tech is an upbeat guide exploring fascinating technology from the past, present and cutting-edge of futuristic development that has the potential to help solve major ecological issues facing Earth, from the climate crisis to plastic pollution and the ongoing loss of biodiversity around the world. Enough with the negative, it's time to look at all the ingenious inventors who are all about trying to use technology for good. The series offers a balanced view of this technology, considering the practicalities, affordability, sustainability and possible unintended long-term consequences of various hi-tech solutions. It introduces the importance of behaviour change by people in richer countries, and includes technology that facilitates this. It also highlights the need for technologies that benefit people in the world's poorest areas, who have done the least to cause the climate crisis but are already feeling its effects the most acutely
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What is the climate crisis? -- Electric and hybrid cars -- High-speed trains -- Wind power -- Solar power -- Geothermal energy and ground source heat -- Using satellites -- Extracting ice cores -- Lab-grown meat -- Climate-resistant crops -- Solar geoengineering -- Carbon capture and storage -- Reforestation and rewilding -- Glossary
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Solving the climate crisis, technology to save our world
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