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The league of gentlemen, The complete collection, Discs 4 & 5

The league of gentlemen, The complete collection, Discs 4 & 5
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Rated: M
Main title
The league of gentlemen
Royston Vasey - it may look like every bleak provincial town you've ever seen, but as for the locals... Over three series and a Christmas special we follow the strange, macabre and shocking stories of some of the residents. Edward and Tubbs, brother and sister shopkeepers whose only desire is to keep their customers local and find a bride for their 'offspring'. Pauline the demonic Restart Officer whose control problem with pens leads to a hostage situation and a touching tale of transvestistic love; plus the 'Dave' orientated world of wife-collecting, circus master Papa Lazarou. We discover the root of the curse that plagues veterinary surgeon Dr Chinnery, how plastics salesmen Geoff Tipps ends up as a stand-up comic in "Lundrun"; how butcher Hilary Briss started the nosebleed epidemic; what Herr Lipp got up to is Duisburg and what skills Charlie Hull offered Spit & Polish Beauty Salon. Along the way we meet the toad-breeding Denton family; Barbara, the local transsexual taxi driver; 70s band Creme Brulee's guitarist Les McQueen; schoolboy magician Dean Travalouris and many, many more
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live action

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