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The natural world, Jon Richards and Ed Simkins

The natural world, Jon Richards and Ed Simkins
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The natural world
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Jon Richards and Ed Simkins
This is not just another atlas! From the longest migration routes around the world to biodiversity hotspots; from the physical adaptations of animals to their habitats to an exploration of the world's oceans, The Natural World takes a unique look at the wildlife and geology of our globe. Using innovatively designed maps alongside infographics, graphs and icons, this book explores the bigger picture of topics such as evolution, biodiversity, tectonics and climate change. Explore in-depth which areas in the world are most affected by natural disasters, where most endangered species live, how climate change is affecting our planet and how effectively deforestation is being balances out by reforestation around the world. The maps not only give an overview of location, but also provide a wealth of fascinating information that is beautifully designed. Written and illustrated by the award-winning Jon Richards and Ed Simkins, this book is another perfect example of how innovative design can deliver facts and figures in an absorbing and immediate way
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Our planet -- Climate -- Biodiversity -- Forests -- Deserts -- Adapting for survival -- Animal migration -- Endangered species -- Oceans -- Plates and quakes -- Volcanoes -- Natural disasters -- Climate change -- Mapping the world, websites and glossary
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