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Aesop's fables, illustrated by Robert Ingpen ; retold by Caroline Lawrence

Aesop's fables, illustrated by Robert Ingpen ; retold by Caroline Lawrence
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Aesop's fables
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illustrated by Robert Ingpen ; retold by Caroline Lawrence
Aesop's Fables belong to every one of us. They were once the words of a man who lived 600 years before Christ. The world in which Aesop lived was brutal - a place where death could happen in a moment - but in his imagination it was also a vibrant and magical place, where gods walked among mortals and animals could speak. Aesop's fables were first written down in ancient Greek, and then Latin, where they spread, like the armies of Rome, across the known world. Each little fable is bound up with over 2000 years of wisdom and truth. From these we know that the weak can sometimes help - or hinder - the mighty. We learn that the brute force of the North Wind is not match for the gentle beaming of the friendly Sun. The fables show us that sheep must strive to survive, that the wolf will deceive, and that even the gods are flawed. And although the fables are full of animals and gods, they are really about what it is to be human, and that no matter who we are, what we look like or where we come from, our true gifts are in our hearts and minds. This brand-new translation from the surviving ancient Greek and Latin manuscripts of Aesop's Fables has been retold by the celebrated author Caroline Lawrence, and Aesop's world is stunningly brought to life by the Hans Christian Andersen Award-winning artist Robert Ingpen
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