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Bright new world, Cindy Forde ; illustrated by Bethany Lord

Bright new world, Cindy Forde ; illustrated by Bethany Lord
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non fiction
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Bright new world
Responsibility statement
Cindy Forde ; illustrated by Bethany Lord
A new take on environmental and social awareness that focuses on the amazing possible future rather than just the negatives, in order to inspire children to take action against climate change, poverty, inequality and pollution. Bright New World is a lavishly illustrated glimpse into a future not too far from our own time - a world in which today's children have grown up and tackled the world's most pressing social and environmental problems. In a series of lush, detailed scenes, readers will enter a world of solar-powered vehicles, regenerated rainforests, skyscraper farms, insect-based snacks, recovering coral reefs, wave-powered electricity, and much more. Bright New World's vision may be bold and optimistic, but everything in the book is based on genuine science, including many projects which are currently being developed. Once readers have seen the possible bright future, they will also learn all about the perils facing the Earth, as well as the solutions to each problem, with practical steps that they can take to help save the planet and make the dream a reality. As well as profiling the biggest names in eco-innovation today, readers will learn about today's young inventors, entrepreneurs and activists who are making the world better, one step at a time. Bright New World is the blueprint for how to fix the future - and it shows how all the solutions are within our grasp, if we really want them
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- The future is bright -- Super power -- The future of food -- Power of the oceans -- Enough stuff! -- Destination happy planet -- Rainforests regenerated -- Building the future -- Voices for girls -- Cooking the planet -- Dare to think differently
Target audience
Bright new world, building a better planet