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Africola, slow food, fast words, cult chef, Duncan Welgemoed ; [foreword by Marco Pierre White]

Africola, slow food, fast words, cult chef, Duncan Welgemoed ; [foreword by Marco Pierre White]
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non fiction
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Duncan Welgemoed ; [foreword by Marco Pierre White]
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slow food, fast words, cult chef
Duncan Welgemoed's approach to food is fearless, take-no-prisoners, bold and exciting. He cooks African-inspired vegetables, grilled and smoked meats, flatbreads, pickles, ferments, vegan-inspired desserts and serves cocktails and natural wine. The food and the experience he recreates links directly back to his South African birthplace, Johannesburg and if his multi-awarded, South Australian-based restaurant Africola was a type of music, it would be a full-on mash-up of Kwaito meets Euro pop meets black metal. Duncan's words aren't pretty, and he's refreshingly honest about the highs and lows of his industry and the people within it, delivering home truths for cooks and chefs alike. These recipes include an amazing array of meats, as well as seafood and a slew of intensely flavourful, veg-forward dishes. There is also a culinary encyclopaedia of ferments, condiments and pickles - adding richness and complexity to any dish - along with a solid pastry section and a bunch of ridiculous cocktails. The food is all about using sustainably sourced, low -impact-on-the-earth ingredients (carefully sourced meats, fish, vegetables, grains, pulses, seaweed, algae, shellfish) to create dishes that have big, powerful flavours, are punchy, bold, butch and that 'open another box in your palate and in your mind'
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- Slaughterhouse braai -- Fuck sustainability -- La mer -- Vaguely vegan -- V is for vegetables -- Chefs are not rockstars, chefs are drug addicts -- Acid trip -- Breads and circuses -- James Brown's condiment cart -- Seriously whipped dessert -- Wolf Creek bakery counter desserts -- Not a paid service announcement -- If not, wine not - hooch, shots and bowls -- How to run a kitchen in passive aggressive post it notes

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