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Deadly quiet city, stories from Wuhan, COVID ground zero, Murong Xuecun

Deadly quiet city, stories from Wuhan, COVID ground zero, Murong Xuecun
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non fiction
Main title
Deadly quiet city
Responsibility statement
Murong Xuecun
Sub title
stories from Wuhan, COVID ground zero
From one of China's most celebrated and silenced literary authors, Murong Xuecun, Deadly Quiet City is an unforgettable collection of true stories from the early months of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. On 23 January 2020, Wuhan was placed in total lockdown. The city of eleven million - the centre of China's coronavirus outbreak - was cut off from the world. As cherry blossoms fell on silent streets, people were left anxious and afraid, struggling to find medicine, food or information about the virus that had trapped them in their homes. In April 2020, Murong Xuecun bravely travelled to the locked-down city, covertly interviewing people from all walks of life on their experiences as the catastrophe unfolded. An exhausted doctor in a small hospital, battling the virus while sick. An illegal motorcycle taxi driver, ferrying people around the empty city. A citizen journalist fighting to reveal the truth of what happened during that endless spring. The result is eight stories that capture the voices and griefs of a city, and that Murong had to leave China in order to publish. Vivid and haunting, Deadly Quiet City is a unique piece of literary history that reveals so much about the lives of people, the pandemic and China today
Table Of Contents
I am a doctor, but I'm also a source of infection -- You want me to live, and I want to live, too -- I drive forwards, but the wind blows back -- A man who wants to pursue the light -- My soul is singing -- Just like boarding Noah's Ark -- The darkest moment -- I want a just explanation