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Extinction planet, Anna Claybourne

Extinction planet, Anna Claybourne
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non fiction
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Extinction planet
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Anna Claybourne
Extinction Planet offers young readers a clear, insightful look at Earth's wildlife extinction crisis. It is estimated that out of around eight million species on Earth, at least one million plant and animal species are threatened with extinction, and that the current rate of extinction is up to 100 times higher than in any previous mass extinction. And it's human activity that's largely responsible for this frightening decline. Extinction Planet takes a non-alarmist, but truthful, look at Earth's extinction crisis, explaining what a mass extinction is, how they occur and what their repercussions can be. It explores how, as humankind has caused this latest biodiversity crisis, we also have the solutions to slow or stop its damage, from reining in overconsumption, rewilding natural places, making farming more planet-friendly, preventing overfishing and seriously tackling climate change. It also suggests ways we can all live in a more planet-friendly way, from global changes such as investing in renewable energy sources, to individual actions such as buying sustainable products and eating less meat and fish
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