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The treekeepers, Kieran Larwood ; illustrated by Chris Wormell

The treekeepers, Kieran Larwood ; illustrated by Chris Wormell
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The treekeepers
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Kieran Larwood ; illustrated by Chris Wormell
An epic novel about a tree of extraordinary power and a world that is now under threat, from the author of the bestselling Five Realms series. Liska - a smart and brave but lowly shapeshifter - lives in a city embedded in the trunk and branches of an enormous tree. Ropeways and staircases crisscross the outer trunk, portals and sleeppods are dotted all around it. There is a futuristic vibe to the narrative, but at the same time, life seems to be simpler. The inhabitants of this city go about their daily business, safe in the knowledge that the shapeshifters will protect them and their life-giving tree, day and night - for the tree not only houses this city but it breathes life into it too. So when Liska, hears that the tree is under threat, it is her duty to act - but because she is a lower rank being, a mere shapeshifter - she finds it hard to convince anyone to listen to her. So she sets out on her own, soon beforiending Lug, an equally lowly earth dweller and together they manage to draw forces with the forest treekeepers to combat the evil that is sucking the lifeblood from their tree and the Undrentree itself, the giver of all life. This is a richly woven, hugely ambitious and thrilling fantasy from the author of the bestselling Podkin novels, pitched perfectly for Podkin fans to transition to, and starring humans not rabbits! It's everything we all love about Kieran's writing, rooted in a topical theme, but with enough stirring fantasy elements to make it thrilling rather than frightening. It describes a wonderful affinity between humankind and nature
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Tree keepers