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Best laid plans, Georgie Abay

Best laid plans, Georgie Abay
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Best laid plans
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Georgie Abay
From journalist, author and podcaster Georgie Abay, Best Laid Plans is an honest and frank look at how life often plays out like trying to walk in a straight line after ten margaritas. Prior to founding her own media company (The Grace Tales, a lifestyle platform for mothers) Georgie was the Deputy Editor at Australian Vogue. Over two decades as a journalist, Georgie interviewed hundreds of people from all over the globe and shared their stories, all while living her own personal version of Plan B. What she learnt through her own experience and those candid discussions is that how we choose to deal with life's unexpected twists and turns is what defines us, and resilience is everything. Featuring myriad stories about life not going according to plan and what comes next, Best Laid Plans explores how to overcome tragedy, embrace failure, and find joy when we suddenly hit life's more challenging moments. Sharing Georgie's personal stories and those of many others, these are warm, empathetic and wise chapters on love, grief, career, motherhood and more, offering insight from well-known personalities such as Australian of the Year Grace Tame, writer Pandora Sykes, entrepreneur Jodie Fox, author Aminata Conteh-Biger and actor Teresa Palmer
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- That time my family broke -- The fake tan disaster that led to a job in Vogue -- Getting naked with Prada and other notes on body love -- The night I was supposed to meet George Clooney and other things about love -- The day I went into labour into a nail salon -- Everything I wish I knew about becoming a mother -- By the way, there's a motherhood penalty -- The business of starting a business -- If your brain breaks, you're not alone -- Feisty is just another word for anger -- Relationships are the foundation of a strong life -- The first time I saw a dead body and lessons on grief -- The baby I never met -- Success isn't what society tells you it is -- Epilogue
Best laid plans, on finding magic in life's most challenging moments