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Ring the hill, with bonus Help the witch, [written and] read by Tom Cox

Ring the hill, with bonus Help the witch, [written and] read by Tom Cox
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Ring the hill
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[written and] read by Tom Cox
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with bonus Help the witch
A hill is not a mountain. You climb it for you, then you put it quietly inside you, in a cupboard marked 'Quite A Lot Of Hills' where it makes its infinitesimal mark on who you are. Ring the Hill is a book written around, and about, hills: it includes a northern hill, a hill that never ends and the smallest hill in England. Each chapter takes a type of hill - whether it's a knoll, cap, cliff, tor or even a mere bump - as a starting point for one of Tom's characteristically unpredictable and wide-ranging explorations. Tom's lyrical, candid prose roams from an intimate relationship with a particular cove on the south coast, to meditations on his great-grandmother and a lesson on what goes into the mapping of hills themselves. Because a good walk in the hills is never just about the hills: you never know where it might lead. Plus a collection of ghost stories and fiction with Help the Witch
Table Of Contents
Help the witch -- Listings -- Speed awareness -- Nine tiny stories about houses -- Pool -- Robot -- Just good friends -- Folk tales of the twenty-third century -- Seance -- Oral history of Margaret and the village by Matthew and five others
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