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Six decades of Holden versus Ford, Dave Morley

Six decades of Holden versus Ford, Dave Morley
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non fiction
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Six decades of Holden versus Ford
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Dave Morley
The Holden versus Ford debate has been around for as long as the cars themselves. But with the curtain finally falling on local car-making in Australia, the chance to take a sideways look at six decades' worth of competing product from Holden and Ford was just too good an opportunity for motoring journalist Dave Morley to pass up. This book isn't a workshop manual, and it's definitely not a reference source. This is a tongue-in-cheek look back on the cars we drove, and a fond examination of what was so good and evil about them. Along the way, you'll discover stories you haven't heard before, lies debunked and legends cut down to size. Not to mention some genuine what-were-they-thinking moments
Six decades of Holden versus Ford, family cars, family feuds and much more

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